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Mininode F.O. FiberKom CATV OLC (1 fibre) 3.0

Ref. 238004

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Nowadays, cable operators are adapting their installations to distribute services using fibre optics.

These installations use DOCSIS protocols to provide bidirectional distribution of the data, and DVB-C to transmit  television signals.

Televes' optical mininodes operate as a bridge between the former coaxial and the new optical networks, translating the optical signals from the backbone to RF signals to be transmitted over coaxial up to the user's modem and the other way around.

Our range of FiberKom  includes units which operate in different return channel bands and/or modules that comprise one or two fibres: the choice of the unit will depend on the operator's requirements.


  • Incorporate an Optical Level Control (OLC) that automatically regulates all the settings to achieve a consistent output signal level, regardless the channel load.
  • Remote-powered RF output.
  • 93dBµV signal level, 42 CENELEC channels (CSO, CTB>60dB)
  • Low consumption (4W).

Main features:

  • Ideal for FTTB/FTTH applications.
  • Ref. 238003 and 238004 use a single fibre for both the forward path channel (1240...1560nm) and the return channel (1610nm).
  • High quality DBF laser (Class 1M) in both channels.
  • Two operating modes:
  1. CW (Continuous Wave). The laser is transmitting continuously. Useful in those applications where the return channel suffer high attenuation (FTTB).
    Útil en aplicaciones donde el canal de retorno se atenúa (FTTB).
  2. RFoG (RF over Glass), where the laser only operates when there are packets to be transmitted.
    Useful in applications where it's hardly any attenuation (FTTH).

They feature different ways of powering: 238001 and 238003 can be powered through the mains with its own embedded PSU. Ref 238003 can be remotely powered through its "F" output connector. Ref. 238004 can be powered either through mains and an external PSU or remotely through its "F" connector.

Reference  238004
Forward path channel
Bandwidth MHz 105 ... 1006
OLC input level dBm --8 ... +1
Flatness dB ± 1
Outputs 1
Output level 42ch CENELEC dBµV 93
CNR/CSO/CTB dB >52/>60/>60
Selectable attenuator dB 6/12
Preattenuator dB 3
Equalizer (Forward Slope) dB 4/9
Wavelength nm 1540 - 1560
Input maximum level dBm 2
Return channel
Selectable bandwitdth MHz 5 - 85
Optical output level dBm 3
Flatness dB ± 1
Output RF level dBµV 75 ... 100
Wavelength nm 1610 ± 10
Laser type DFB (Class 1M)
Switching time ON/OFF µs 1
Mains power V~/mA --
Alternate current consumption W --
Dimensions mm 185 x 80 x 35
Power through F connector (remote) Vdc/mA 11/270 ...24/140
Weight g 400
Ingress Protection IP 30
EMC Compatibility EN 50083-2
Security EN 60825-1_2007
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Technical manuals: 
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