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Ref. 563852

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Two modules in one
Content IP streamer or IP/AV to RF modulator

  • Two operating modes: AV - IP/RF or IP/ AV - RF 
  • High output signal power without additional amplification
  • DVB-T and DVB-C output or configurable IP
  • Energy efficient due to its low power consumption

An “Encoder / Modulator” is a device that  generates a DTT channel (Multiplex) which includes Audio / Video services from other devices like cameras, computers, TVSAT receivers, etc.
The Encoder / Modulator ref. 563852 has an additional feature which makes a multicast streaming possible.

The device has two operating modes:

AV - IP/RF Encoder
It transforms two Audio / Video signals  into an IP stream or into a RF multiplex (DVB-T or DVB-C). In this mode, the Audio / Video content (in HDMI, YPbPr or CVBS composite formats) is available for a multicast stream in the IP output and also as a RF multiplex (DVB-T or DVB-C).

AV/IP - RF Encoder
It transforms two Audio / Video  signals or IP streaming services into a RF multiplex (DVB-T or DVB-C). This configuration allows the creation of multiple RF (DVB-T or DVB-C) with content transmitted through IP multicast and Audio / VIdeo signals (cameras, STB, DVD, computers, etc.) from an HDMI connection, YPbPr or composite CVBS.


  • Easy and intuitive installation thanks to the built-in web server.
  • High output level with no need for extra amplification
  • Multi-standard output format
  • Monitorisation of the device and the signal through LEDs on the unit
  • The IP Encoder / Modulator has a MPTS mode (two input connections for the same IP) or SPTS (two input connections for two different IP‘s)


  • Compatible with many formats, resolutions and TV screen dimensions.
  • Different Audio/Vídeo input types     (HDMI, CVBS, YPbPr, audio SPdIf)
  • Multiplexing 4 sets of services at the same time (2 IP and 2 A/V)
  • Output video format: MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 (H.264)
  • Annex A QAM output or COFDM
  • Integrated input loop through
  • Excelent quality of the RF signal created (MER > 40dB)
Reference 563852
Video   2 sets 3 x RCA (Y, Pb, Pr)
2 sets 1 x RCA (CVBS)
Audio   2 sets 2 x RCA (L, R)
2 sets 1 x RCA (Digital)
2 sets 1 x Toslink (Optical)
Video + Audio   2 sets 1 x HDMI
IP Multicast 2 ports RJ45 switch Gbe SPTS or MPTS (UDP/RTP)
Output format MPEG-2 / H264
Resolution 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p,
720p, 1080i & 1080p
Auto-scan of input resolution (1)
Aspect ratio 4:3, 16:9 y pass through
GOP   10, 12, 15, 16, 18, 20, 24 ó 30
Output format Dolby Digital AC-3 only Digital Loop) or
MPEG1 Layer2 (analogue input HDMI PCM)
Sampling rate kHz 48
Frequency bands MHz 46...862
Maximum output level dBµV 115/55
(103/43 with active loop-through)
MER  dB >40
Spurious dBc -60
Annex A QAM Modulation 16, 32, 64, 128, 256
BaudRate Mbaud 6,9
Roll-off % 15
Code Reed Solomon
Spectrum mode Normal / Inverted
Frequency steps kHz 250
COFDM Modulation QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM
Guard interval µS 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32
FEC  1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8
Bandwidth MHz 6, 7, 8
Cell_id  Yes
Frequency steps kHz 125 / 166
IP Transport Stream SP/MP 2 SPTS IP multicast outputs
(UDP o RTP) / 1 MPTS output
PSI Transport Stream ID  Editable
Original Network ID  Editable
Network ID  Editable
LCN  Editable
NIT  Editable
SDT  Editable
Tipo LCN  Generic / UK / NorDig V1 / NorDig V2
Network Name  Editable
Service PID  Editable
Service Name  Editable
Service ID  Editable
Voltage Vdc 24
Consumption W <20,4
Protection index IP 20
Dimensions (xyz) mm 50 x 216 x 180

(1) The output resolution is the same as the input signal source.

Additional Infomation
Product release: 
Technical manuals: 
Software y Firmware: 
Televes Televes